9th of July, 2018 (Monday)

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9th of July, 2018 (Monday)
So to check they will need a dress that’s approximately the same and his size, not sure how they can handle the hair given we don’t know the required style...
Why dressed as a girl though? It’s either an idle prank detail or plot heavy.
Uh oh! On the whorl Eos is riding, is Charlie a girl? Tober's not done with us yet.
Charlie was daydreaming about him and Ash alternating wearing a suit and a dress as if a married couple, so it's not too far out of the realm of possibility.
Up here
Ash looks even more horrified than Charlie, if that's possible.
A dress? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Ash has been trying to get Charlie to wear a dress, maybe she was successful somewhere along the line and he encountered Eos - - the plot thickens
«Ash has been trying to get Charlie to wear a dress, maybe she was successful somewhere along the line and he encountered Eos»
Sure, and then they meet EOS and Charlie just says "Choice defines fate" at random, just to say hello.
What EOS is implying is that the Charlie from another timeline or even this timeline (which still have three timewatches) travelled back in time to ensure that she chooses biology.
Then maybe she develops the ultimate plague, and that's why in Rothwell's timeline they think killing Charlie stops the plagues from existing.
Also IIRC there is a story where *Sam* (older charlie) and his best friend Johnny got dresses as girls.
10th of July, 2018 (Tuesday)
WalexB - - there are any number of reasons Charlie and Ash could have encountered Eos and in a conversation made that statement, after all, they know her now - - I never said it was random
11th of July, 2018 (Wednesday)
I think Walex has it, though I'd have to review the storyline. Eos doesn't yet know that Charlie and Sam are the same person because of time travel, I think. She thinks things aren't over yet because she thinks Charlie needs to go back in time to her own childhood, not realizing that it was SAM who said that to her.
12th of July, 2018 (Thursday)
page 549 indicates Eos has been filled in about the time travel, so I think its safe to assume she also was told Charlie and Sam are one and the same, course as a teen-age girl she would not have known any of this but this does give us an idea of why Charlie and his actions were important apparently what he says or doesn't say affect Eos and her decision for her future
13th of July, 2018 (Friday)
Eos already knows Sam and Charlie are genetically identical. When she was briefed on the time travel element, everything would have fallen into place for her. (With her intellect, she can't help but start trying to figure out how time travel works.)

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