25th of June, 2018 (Monday)

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25th of June, 2018 (Monday)
Charlie's expression in the last panel is perfect.
Up Here
Charlie seems to be taking this rather calmly...the doors have closed behind him too.
Kid Cthulhu
To be honest, with everything's that happened, I'm not sure Charlie could have gone back (even before all the door closing business).
Wow...so we have a permanent extra Sam/Charlie in this final timeline? This is super cool. I have been loving the exploration of nature v. nurture in the character development of Charlie in comparison and contrast to Sam. There have been so many excellent and brilliantly executed storytelling techniques in this comic and that has been my favorite.
Thank you for sharing your hard work, talent, and creativity with us, Tober. Seeing the story start to approach its close makes me sad. I have enjoyed this story so much and I wish it could go on indefinitely. Thanks for this great ride.
Knowing that you have persevered through finishing this story while dealing with an illness adds so much more to my appreciation of it. I hope that it has made you feel confident and strong, and I hope that you have received the encouragement, support, and recognition that you deserve.
Take care of yourself. I look forward to following this story to its end.
26th of June, 2018 (Tuesday)
Josh Shaine
You folks who think it is that close to the end fascinate me! We have miles to go before we sleep!
@Josh - what makes you think there's so much more to go?
1st of July, 2018 (Sunday)
agree with Josh there could be pother time lines involved yet and he said he was confident, but still guessing
@Tominalbany - Hope springs eternal. That and Tober's bag of tricks isn't anywhere near empty yet. Something may or may not pop out of it.

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