18th of June, 2018 (Monday)

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18th of June, 2018 (Monday)
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Whoa...I can't believe you did the big "I am your father " reveal on FATHERS DAY...considering Australia celebrates it in September. How very multi-hemispherical of you, Tober! ;> )
Up here
And yes, it's only Sunday afternoon up here. : )
Well, we know where Eos gets her green eyes. I'm still confused. That's why I love this webcomic - always something unexpected!
So that makes Eos Emi's sister. Kind of. As well as her Grandma.
Was/Is Memnon the mysterious WatchGiver who sent Charlie into his future or did Memnon recruit Rothwell? Do Sam and Eos get together? Does Sam end up with Emi or Ash? Is Ash really Tober? Questions! Questions! Questions!
I love this last panel. And the story as a whole. Many things begin to make sense now...
«Was/Is Memnon the mysterious WatchGiver who sent Charlie into his future»
That was a government agent, presumably from the timeline where MEMNON begins to kill everybody.
But there is the possibly now forgotten page where HYPERION says "one more time", so I suspect that MEMNON is wrong, and it is HYPERION who arranged everything. Because *this* MEMNON only exists because EOS built him "because" of Charlie's death.
«or did Memnon recruit Rothwell?»
No, according to Rothwell, it was some random guys who were looking for someone immune to send to the past.
«Does Sam end up with Emi or Ash?»
Charlie, not Sam. Sam is a bit too old for either, but when he turns 40 and they are twenty, things can change :-).

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