11th of June, 2018 (Monday)

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11th of June, 2018 (Monday)
Eos is looking vulnerable and very pretty in that last panel. Also, it was Charlie's father's idea, or Ash's father?
Probably Eos' father... Hyperion... The God of Watchfulness, Wisdom, and the Light, who gave birth to Eos, Goddess of the Dawn. With time travel impossible, the world must inevitably move forward, probably with Eos being able to live in a better world than either extreme. If this were Majora's Mask, we'd see "Dawn of a New Day" flash up.
Different colored eyes, sure, but...is Eos Ash? Or his mother?
Hello, hello, hello! Eos was adopted, right?
This is getting verrrrrry interesting again!
12th of June, 2018 (Tuesday)
So finally we begin to see this slice-of-life comic veer into science fiction... I was WONDERING when that would happen!
«Eos was adopted, right?»
EOS was found on the steps of a building, with her name in greek letters. Then in the MEMNON timeline Charlie gets killed and this triggers her to build a computer and create MEMNON.
We don't know what is her role in the Rothwell timeline, but she works in a biochemistry lab and "somebody" in that timeline designs an unstoppable virus, which does not happen if Charlie dies.
But the story currently is in neither the MEMNON timeline nor the Rothwell timline, it is in Sam's timeline. The problem here is that Sam is adult Charlie, so in that timeline Charlie was not killed by Rothwell.
13th of June, 2018 (Wednesday)
Jimothy - Do many slice of life comics feature children being shot at? Maybe I have a boring life.
WalexB - Awesome recap - thanks.
Tober - Loving this - keep up the good work!
Opus the Poet
I don't know about comics, but I spent a couple years of my childhood dodging bullets. Getting shot at is a fairly common part of many childhoods.
Did the guns in your childhood go "THOOM!"? Were there time travel devices that looked like watches?
14th of June, 2018 (Thursday)
That was tongue-in-cheek, wasn't it, Jimothy? Considering that the strip started with a kid, soon to be identified as Charlie, arriving in the current time via time machine watch, it's always been a SciFi story with swings through slice-of-life.
16th of June, 2018 (Saturday)
Up Here
So if time travel has become too dangerous to attempt, will Charlie have to stay in this iteration with his older self?
Ash would like that. What about Memnon and EMI, are they going to be stranded in this timeline?
Thanks Tober, I'm really enjoying this story!
This is tremendous, Tober! Love the comic, as always.

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