4th of June, 2018 (Monday)

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4th of June, 2018 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
Ooh, color this time. Nice!
So Charlie had whorls and now he doesn't?
Does color mean you're feeling better, Tober? I sure as hell hope so!
And I hope that Charlie's whorls vanishing means the cycle has been broken.
That's brilliant!
Awesome to see this page and the last in color! I hope that means you're feeling good, Tober.
Moebius Tantalus
He didn't say the whorls were gone, he said he couldn't read them. Perhaps they have become so complex, due to repeated loops, that they can no longer be deciphered.........
Even without color, this story has me hooked. Just keep swimming, Tober!
Now the big question: what about Sam's whorls? He is Charlie too, just in a different timeline and older.
The difficulty with what MEMNON says is that the critical factor is not Charlie/Sam, but EOS: in the "humanity exterminated by AI" timeline we know that it is *her* role that is crucial, not Charlie's: she builds MEMNON, and then her death and the destruction of her memory triggers the extermination.
The timeline where Charlie survives is also presumably one where EOS lives, does not build MEMNON, and continues running a biochemistry lab, and it is in those labs that deadly viruses can be bred.
Can’t EMI read his whorls?
OMG colors!
@WalexB The thing is, something has to motivate Eos. Charlie works because of her infertility. Losing what she believes to be the only key for children (cloning) causes her to seek another method (AI). It's not clear why Charlie would be a target in a timeline where he wasn't sent to the future, but it's not impossible that a dead child at that time would have had some influence on Eos in some way anyway.
5th of June, 2018 (Tuesday)
Yay, color is back!
@Walexb - - - another possibility is that EOS does not create the virus, Charlie could be what doctors call patient 0, the one that first contracts the virus and thus is responsible for spreading it
9th of June, 2018 (Saturday)
I don't know if this is how it's intended to be taken, but my interpretation of the second to last panel was that Memnon never intended to get any information from touching Charlie's stomach. He just felt like it. Last panel is of course, a "wtf?" reaction to that realization.

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