14th of May, 2018 (Monday)

Page 549

You coulda asked him yourself if you didn't throw him off a bridge.

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14th of May, 2018 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
Curiouser and curiouser. A good read as always, Tober.
15th of May, 2018 (Tuesday)
i am grateful that tober keeps tellingus this story because it is quite deep and entertainig, and usually this happen as when authors really feel it and want to tell it, and like tober they also have the artistic skills to do so well.
Does EOS in this timeline know that MEMNON is her AI son? time will tell...
16th of May, 2018 (Wednesday)
Even a less than stellar intellect can recognize their own work, and Eos is a genius at least several times over. I reckon this whorl's Eos started connecting dots in three dimensions as soon as she realized time travel was involved, and that started to gel when she examined Rothwell's rifle at the very latest. She may well have already had some inklings gained while looking into her own origins.
20th of May, 2018 (Sunday)
I love the drawing of Ash in the first panel. Great art, Tober!

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