2nd of April, 2018 (Monday)

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2nd of April, 2018 (Monday)
Yay, Charlie isn't dead! Hands off that reset button, Hyperion.
Charlie isn't dead again. That constantly getting killed to death business could get old.
Kid Cthulhu
This ought to be interesting!
Opus the Poet
Charlie's middle name is Kenny. (ancient media reference)
Explanations? Isn't that something this comic is not about? I mean, should I believe that? :-)
3rd of April, 2018 (Tuesday)
Not dead is good.
5th of April, 2018 (Thursday)
Up here
He would die of embarrassment if he knew how much that hospital gown looks like a dress...
6th of April, 2018 (Friday)
Hello. And Bye.

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