16th of November, 2017 (Thursday)

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16th of November, 2017 (Thursday)
The first being when he received the “watch” I’m guessing.
The second possibly at the house?
Temporal management with a sledgehammer: GREAT PLAN
Wait a war to end all wars ... yes pretty much if you kill him and create the paradox we see happening now ... if everyone is dead no more war...
Has Rothwell been making hits on Charlie on different whorls all this time, long enough to grow to adulthood?
And is it just me, or does young Rothwell look like Charlie?
In the words of the great Chief Miles O'Brien... "I hate temporal mechanics."
Mr. Jones
I have only once seen the management of a world line be done with such a... shotgun approach. It ended poorly for all involved.
It would seem to me that the definition of 'failure' is inconsistent. It would seem the 'goal' is to kill Charlie. If he fails (to kill Charlie) he should just kill Charlie anyway? You've lost me here, Topher...
Humm I'm reading this as "Kill Charlie at one of these 2 specific times, but if I fail, well then Kill him anyway whenever you can."
But I did have to reread it this morning as it left me a little confused first read.
Kid Cthulhu
Eh, what's the worst that could happen?
The worst that could happen? Maybe a humanoid AI demi-god destroys all human life in the universe prior to siring a superhuman offspring? ;)
Yeah, but on the plus side, no more wars. 8^D
17th of November, 2017 (Friday)
Well, I guess killing all humanity would end all wars. So....
Mission success?!?
Reminds me of Gahan Wilson's classic cartoon, "I think I won!"
19th of November, 2017 (Sunday)
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22nd of November, 2017 (Wednesday)
Is this an "It Ends with a Flicker" plot? There's a William Tenn story where...
There are only two possible futures, humanity is doomed in both, and the easiest way for each of them to fix the problem throws the timeline into the other future. A leads to B leads to A leads to B...

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