26th of October, 2017 (Thursday)

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26th of October, 2017 (Thursday)
I mean, even if he did give her a "lethal" amount, she wouldn't be dead yet. Just on her way to respiratory paralysis. Quick intervention from EMS would easily save her, CPR in the meantime minimizing damage.
Kid Cthulhu
Chrono-Assassin had a change of heart? The plot, she thickens!
Oh, should have started with the "I'm not trying to Kill you now" when we first met, might have gone better.
Change of heart, or change of orders. One of the big question is just how much free agency does Rothwell have. And with this whorl riding business, it may change from moment to moment.
"Explain to me why I should trust you?"
@PyroKill Well, looks like he tried to, at least, p.371
It might not have been very convincing, though.
Maybe he got to watch T2 or 3 while he was in the hospital.
Note that Rothwell calls EMI "that thing", obviously he knows that she is an AI (probably like himself).
27th of October, 2017 (Friday)
The interesting point is events seem to change his plan. The outcome he is after is more complicated than taking a life.
I'm beginning to wonder if Rothwell isn't some kind of idiot savant. Very adept at tracking down and killing, not so competent at anything else.
28th of October, 2017 (Saturday)
@Phlatus Somehow, I doubt that.

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