5th of October, 2017 (Thursday)

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But why would Ash knock? You gotta think these things through, Charlie.

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5th of October, 2017 (Thursday)
Charlie thinks things through!!!!! Why do you think he died so many times!
Oh, it's you again, time-traveling killer (who wants to kill Charlie for some reason).
Of course he wants to kill him, it's the only way to stop these time loops. Right? =)
Ash would knock because Charlie wisely locked the door knowing there was someone out to kill him. I'd ask why he didn't ask, "Who is it?" prior to opening the door.
"Avon calling" or better "no, no, that's my twin brother. I sell time traveling life insurance"
More like "Augh!"
Sister Grif
"Can I use your bathroom"
@Phlatus what about the original pasty guy who pushes Charlie in the first place?
6th of October, 2017 (Friday)
Right you are, Jimothy. We don't know anything about him. It may have been Rothwell riding a different whorl - or at a different point on the same one. I expect we'll find out soon because he'll either kill Charlie again or reveal that he's there to protect him from his (Rothwell's) other self/selves. (Don't whack him until you're sure he's a threat, Emi. You might need him.)
@Phlatus Yeah, that's probably an accurate analysis.
There aren't a lot of times where slamming a door in someone's face is acceptable, but I think in the instance of murderous mystery time travelers, an exception can be made.
7th of October, 2017 (Saturday)
This is obviously her father. If it was the bad guy, he wouldn't knock. He is trying to be sociable, most likely for his daughter's sake.
8th of October, 2017 (Sunday)
Em (Not the AI)
Shouldn't Charlie want to act with a bit more caution, given what he literally heard just seconds ago?! "Every time you're saved, then you die. You're saved, and you die again"... I'll bet this is how it happened in some of those other timelines. :{
@DrGPS, it's Rothwell (the Chronoassassin); you can tell by the eye color. (I actually had to go back and check, myself.)

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