25th of September, 2017 (Monday)

Page 503

It turns out time travel is complicated

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25th of September, 2017 (Monday)
This actually sums up quite a bit of the overlaying plot and how I understand it.
Kid Cthulhu
Emi speaks for all of us, I guess.
I really feel for these kiddos. These last few pages have really made me sad. As always, however, I'm still very excited for the next page!
Opus the Poet
So Ash has been put on the bus?
26th of September, 2017 (Tuesday)
Because the best move Sam could make at this point in the plot is to leave the repeated murder target and clueless child computer alone in a secluded house.
I was doing the NYT Crossword puzzle on Sunday and Eos was one of the answers. Yay me!
Isn't Eos the goddess of the Dawn?

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