25th of May, 2017 (Thursday)

Page 468

"Well, swim or drown. I forget exactly which."

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25th of May, 2017 (Thursday)
Sam is actually getting the whole father thing down, besides the fleeing-cross-country-with-three-kids part.
Hey, I just finished catching up and boy is this an amazing comic! It's nicely paced and I really like the semi-3D art style.
I just had a quick question that popped into my head as I finished this page:
Do Ash's parents know where she is or has she been missing for like a week(s) at this point? I really hope it's the former because I don't think a cockamamie story about time traveling kids/robot kids/assassins is gonna fly all that well in front of a judge. (Then again, I'm from America and all the stuff I hear about Australia is weird.)
Emi seems so excited about her impending drowning.
Sam keeps adding more weird kids to his little 'not a family' family.
Sam is just collecting kids at this point. He'll have a whole elementary school at this rate! Loving the comic, Tober. Can't wait for more!
26th of May, 2017 (Friday)
Kid Cthulhu
Tober, your water effects especially in the last panel are so maddeningly simple yet effective. I'm envious! All the water scenes in my comic are less than spectacular.
That Guy Named Nick
Oh. It did not take me as long to catch up as I thought it would. Nice.
The story's intriguing, I'm amazed at the use of 3D and how long it took me to notice, and this is honestly one of the best realistic art styles I've seen in a while.
In short: Keep going. I love it.
28th of May, 2017 (Sunday)
Wonder what Ash is thinking of all of this. Having fun at the moment, but must have all sorts of swirling feels.
12th of June, 2017 (Monday)
So we gonna get a talking dog to round out this weird group? They need a mascot.

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