15th of May, 2017 (Monday)

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"It was just sitting on some guy's shelf!"

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15th of May, 2017 (Monday)
lol I've literally had that happen to me, my iphone was shipped to me i turn it on and touch the screen to choose language and error pops up and it just shuts down. Turned out to be a bad sim card that was causing an unexpected error of some sort.
pretty sure that phone's supposed to be either a Samsung or LG model from the shape of the button for going to the home menu
I understand the fishing rods and flamingo, but what exactly is in that box?
Judging from the label, the box appears to contain a calculator.
Humm so would the calculator be an older relative? Maybe she feels a family connection. :-p
Inspector Hound
I guess by now Charlie is used to current-day technology, but probably Ash and Sam are still making jokes about it.
16th of May, 2017 (Tuesday)
Tennis balls is an interesting choice when coupled with a pair of fishing rods instead of tennis rackets. Fun to be had there at the beach :)
H. Celine
It's the Flamingo that ties the other seemingly disparate artifacts into a meaningful assemblage.
17th of May, 2017 (Wednesday)
Kid Cthulhu
I love these kids!

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