4th of May, 2017 (Thursday)

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4th of May, 2017 (Thursday)
Kid Cthulhu
Love Sam's reluctant "yay".
Still super curious about Eos's condition and whereabouts...
Is that "yay" a yes I'm being sarcastic?
What does 'yay' mean in Aussie-English?
Opus the Poet
They may be kids in peril from time-travelling assassins, but they're still kids. Yay!
"Yay!" is a cheer, like "Hurrah" (Except I don't actually see Hurrah used much in America, so I am probably spelling it wrong...).
'Yay' often is used sarcastically though, so the kids may be celebrating prematurely...
5th of May, 2017 (Friday)
Otto von Bismarck
I'm still occasionally flipping back to the first few pages and comparing the art style's development. It's pretty amazing.
We "Yanks" gradually morphed from "Huzzah!" to "Hurrah!" to "Hooray!" to the present "Yay!" Only God understands how language works. English native speakers should be banned from developing language. Those that try should be sent to a sanitarium for the verbally insane.
Kid Cthulhu
@memBrain: For what it's worth, this Yank still says "Huzzah!" a lot.
@Kid Cthulhu this Southetn Boy likes to say "Huzzay" for weird reasons.
6th of May, 2017 (Saturday)
I love how this created an debate on the usage of 'Yay'.
I thought it was yes to yay. Regional usage may vary?
As said above, "yay" is a celebratory sound. Much like Homer Simpson's "woohoo".
This is my first time commenting - Great comic, Tober! You've got a unique style and I've been enjoying it a lot.

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