27th of February, 2017 (Monday)

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27th of February, 2017 (Monday)
Looks like somebody left the keys in the limo. Oops!
Kid Cthulhu
I really love the subtle coloring in panel 1, Tober. Brrrr...
28th of February, 2017 (Tuesday)
@AnnaPitly gg on the spam, too bad it didn't work.
I wonder who stole the limo? It's not like Creepy-Good-Future guy needed it
1st of March, 2017 (Wednesday)
Inspector Hound
I'm predicting Eos will step out. Does Emi know what Eos looks like? Because if she does, a really awkward conversation may ensue.
2nd of March, 2017 (Thursday)
@Jamieduace I hear spam is more effective when you use the correct language for it
3rd of March, 2017 (Friday)
@BenjaminAoa I think you are the final example of needing a captcha on the comments to make less work for Tober in the future.

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