23rd of January, 2017 (Monday)

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23rd of January, 2017 (Monday)
You can time travel again and again - it won't work. You can't save Madoka... erm, I mean Charlie...
Mr. Jones
One can save Modoka. But you have to save Charlie first and avert a global war. Save the whorl-boy, save the world. I get the sense we're falling into the realm of multi-person pantheistic solipsism here.
Loving every hint about what's going on! keep it coming, pal!
I am suddenly reminded of the Belgariad/Malloreon and the two opposing Necessities.... o_o;
24th of January, 2017 (Tuesday)
"Save the whorl-boy, save the world." Love it! Put that on a bumper sticker. Heroes lives again!
25th of January, 2017 (Wednesday)
Mr. Jones
Ohwilleke, I might do that. Or something like it. I don't own a sticker business for nothing, after all.
28th of January, 2017 (Saturday)
@sombody you can save kurisu ... I mean Charlie but you have to make it seem to your past self that he died so you don't change world lines.
29th of January, 2017 (Sunday)
Alien Hunter
OK, here's what I don't get...if the whorls are around YOUNG Charlie, why aren't they around ADULT Charlie (Sam)?
Opus the Poet
@Alien Hunter Because Charlie and Sam are from two different time lines and are not the same person (any more). When Charlie got pulled into the future, which didn't happen to Sam, they became separate individuals.
31st of January, 2017 (Tuesday)
So does this mean Charlie is going to die anyway??

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