16th of January, 2017 (Monday)

Page 440

Quiet you two, the adults are talking. Well, the adult and the child robot are talking.

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16th of January, 2017 (Monday)
Matthew Bernal
Glad to see some color again. Thanks for the comic Tober!
They're all so cute. And I love this explanation of how the whole thing works. I can visualise the whorls all right.
They can see everything Charlie, everything
17th of January, 2017 (Tuesday)
lol, i love how this entire page could be so wrong if 'Whorls' were replaced with different words XD
A child out of time, causing ripples where it is not meant to....
that kiwi guy
this is good, nice to see some colour as well.
hope you're feeling better now
Kid Cthulhu
Great to see a page like this. Keep up the good work, Tober.

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