19th of December, 2016 (Monday)

Page 436

Of course, humans are apes, so it would be difficult for this to be untrue.

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19th of December, 2016 (Monday)
But it is true considering her father killed all humans...
^That was in reply to the undercomic text
Kid Cthulhu
Poor Emi; nobody wants to sit with her in the limo...
Love the second-to-last panel where he realizes Ash is right.
that kiwi guy
Opus the Poet
Charlie in capris looks so girly it took me a while to figure out who he was. I mean the whole outfit looks like it cam from Ash's suitcase.
20th of December, 2016 (Tuesday)
Happy Holidays, Tober!
Hey, as happy as I am to see the comic (and the story) continue, you're creating an *awful* lot of "go back and fix it" work for later and I'd hate to see it build up to the point where you feel overwhelmed. If you need to slow new pages down to once a month until you've had the chance to refine/clean the unfinished pages, we'd all most definitely understand.
24th of December, 2016 (Saturday)
Kid Cthulhu
Happy Holidays, Tober.
25th of December, 2016 (Sunday)
Happy Holidays, Tober and the rest, whichever one(s) you keep.
26th of December, 2016 (Monday)
I'm happy with the pages as they are. The line drawings on monochrome have their own aesthetic qualities and convey a mood, same as a black and white films do.
Happy Boxing Day!

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