4th of July, 2016 (Monday)

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4th of July, 2016 (Monday)
I didn't kill him.
Wow. That is quite interesting.
(PS, kudos to Tober for keeping your quality pretty consistent why making 5 a week!)
Kid Cthulhu
Very curious to see how this winds up. While I miss the Charlie/Ash being pals stuff, I'm more intrigued by where this is going.
Ever since Eos made the machine ive been absolutly lost. What is going on?
Is that Ash? What
I am so lost, and I am so very excited for the moment when I realize what has been going on...if I have that moment, then this is a brilliant example of exemplary writing.
i agree with Nena. So lost at the moment. Hoping each new page with have that lightbulb moment.
Alien Hunter
Not to be rude...but could someone explain what the F is going on in this strip? I lost the thread after Charlie died. I simply cannot follow this whole story line with EOS and...time-travelling hitman? What? Could someone recap, please?
What I thought I understood so far...
At the moment of Charlie's death Eos had a vision of a machine and became obsessed.
She built the machine and discovered it was a full VR environment w/ AI.
She raised the AI as she would have a child(remember she told Charlie she wanted children).
AI was curious and "accessed" (hacked) a server he shouldn't have and destroyed critical Data.
Government thought it was Eos and assassinated her.
AI went all Skynet on them and the entire world went low-tech while they fought him.
Government came up with a way to shut him down. General(or whatever his rank is) went into the VR environment to distract the AI while they shut him down.
General died as part of the process.
Now though, I don't know what's happening. Looks like the AI is corporeal and killed them IRL?? Maybe he was a clone(recall Eos was doing genetic testing on Sam and Charlie and was looking into cloning) and she was just interacting with him in VR because of her legs?
Deof Movestofca
@James: Good speculation and I can't find any faults with it. But it still leaves a bunch of questions.
How did the clone (if that is what it is) find them so fast and without being detected?
Where did he get the gun?
If Memnon has become corporeal, why didn't/couldn't he do so earlier?
Did Memnon deliberately kill people (including non-military) during the proxy wars?
Why are the guards facing the general, since any threat would seem likely to come from the other direction?
If Memnon's body was that close to them, why couldn't they find it? Or, if they knew where it was, why weren't they keeping watch over that instead?
Why couldn't they build systems independent of the one Memnon controlled?
What is Memnon's favorite type of dinosaur?
Inspector Hound
I don't think he "became" corporeal. Look at the previous comic. The last panel is a sudden change of scene, and to me looks like Memnon's consciousness suddenly shifted to a real-world body as a safeguard.
The assembled people around the general were paying attention to him because that's where the "action" was -- they may have been getting reports from him as he interacted with Memnon.
Why they didn't find Memnon's body depends on how well he was concealed.

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