1st of July, 2016 (Friday)

Page 405

There's only about a week left in this chapter, for those interested in such things.

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1st of July, 2016 (Friday)
I get the feeling everything's about to make sense...
Leaping Lemurs!
This comic is so good! I forgot my bucket of tears for when Charlie died, though.
Kid Cthulhu
I'm with PrimordialRageChick here; this allegory is going to make sense soon.
I'm still trying to figure out the turn into left field when the kid got shot...
That wasn't a turn, that was a meteor throwing everything out of whack. But, hey, this is a comic, so there's just as big a chance it all gets retconned as it does staying the same.
Sir Tart
Is it just me or is Ash on page 8?
Amazing Thing
Don't let people who can't see the big picture get you down Tober. From what I can tell, writing this kind of seemingly crazy chapter is a brilliant move immediately after the death of Charlie. The fact some people were upset at the lack of instant resolution shows just how invested they are in your work.
Amazing thing is correct, some have no patience, others, like myself are in this for the long ride
Deof Movestofca
Spoiler alert (unofficial): He turns to see giant illuminated letters reading:
"R E V O E M A G".
Or at least that's how they did it in "Red Dwarf". Ok, so I got no clue how this will end either.
Who's fever dream is this anyway?!
@Sir Tart: That's Johnny, back before Charlie came to the "present" reality.

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