27th of May, 2016 (Friday)

Page 390

Present day... ha... Present time... HAHAHAHAHA--

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27th of May, 2016 (Friday)
obviously, she's building a time machine to bring Sam back.
She builds it so they will come
the lighting is delicious on this page
Kudos on the Lain reference.
love this
Kid Cthulhu
Excellent page. The lighting and mood are great!
Just the basic facts, can you show me where it hurts?
Come on now, I hear you're feeling down.
inb4 Eos becomes the weird time dude
I think it's more likely for What's-His-Face (That bloke talking to Eos) to become the weird time dude in a freak accident sort of thing due to this thing that Eos is making.
@SenpaiSizzle That bloke is Johnny. Eos's kouhai
Typical time paradox: the act of time travel allows a time machine to be created.
Me, not you
Wow, the lighting on this page is phenomenal.
I'd guess her dad is helping her, giving construction instructions... Nothing to do with aliens, weird bubbles or DIY spacecraft.
Deof Movestofca
I think it's either a thingamabob or a doohickey. Not quite sure which at the moment though.
28th of May, 2016 (Saturday)
maybe, just maybe, eos is building a time machine so she can save sam from being shot, but he gets shot later, and the whole thing happens again.
Bets on Time Machine, anyone?
and you don't seem to understand
a shame, you seemed an honest man...
Well that was a Lain reference I was *not* expecting. Oddly, I was just thinking about that opener a couple of days ago.
Wow. Wow wow wow wow. How did I never know about this comic before now? I thought I already had all the good ones but this one somehow escaped my notice for... what, 3 years it's been running? Wow.
The Frog Master
Wait! But what was the deal with the wheelchair? Did I just miss something reeeally obvious (cuz it wouldn't be the first time XD )
What an AWFUL PLACE for me to be up to date on this comic T.T
@Frog Master she was shot in the abdomen first panel http://bloodsplatteredsocks.com/archive/384. I'm guessing it hit her spine.
I just read all the comic so far, I got into it and it ended that fast ahha
29th of May, 2016 (Sunday)
A slice-of-life webcomic... Sorta... But not really...
All caught up. Hope there's some more explaining going on. Guessing they are using the multiverse version of time travel.
The Frog Master
@Chug oh yeah, you're right... I guess I was still in mild shock from the previous pages when I saw that

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