25th of March, 2016 (Friday)

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Guess he didn't want to come to the party after all.

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25th of March, 2016 (Friday)
Benadryl Kumquat!
That Guy
Is the chrono-assassin an albino? With black hair?
Also, nothing in his hands... I was wrong... O.o
Either an albino in a wig (possible - less outstanding) or a pale guy with contact lenses (to interfere with eye recognition software...? ... nah, just a prefference)
Nobody's ruled out vampire yet. Let's keep that one on the table.
that kiwi guy
Like Charidan I thought it was a vampire.
Okay this is weird.
Ah! Finally out of character development and back on track to the main plot and maybe more bloody socks!
New Reader 04
Well, if we're delving into the supernatural and a vampire has already mentioned, I might as well put another card on the table.
A demon?
Or a zombie?
Taxonomy later, running now!
Maybe he is ill?
A future with no sunlight?
Almost dead from being poisoned or something. Is this revenge?
I sometimes do the going gray and looking dead thing, blood pressure / sugar related.
The Guy
He's a timepire of course!
Bunnyhill Chickenwrath!!!
Opus the Poet
I can't say it's the same for all dead people, but when I came back I looked pretty much the same aside from all the damage I took when I got killed. Two months later I won a Halloween costume contest as a zombie, all I did was wear ripped clothes that exposed my healing damaged areas. I wasn't even supposed to be in the contest, that's just where the only open seat was and I had to sit down and take a load off my leg (the broken bones were starting to knit and they throbbed when I spent too much time trying to stand on the leg).
Also there's the "or something" poor Kate was talking bout
Chill guys, he's no vampire. He just plays lots of WoW
Called it-- he totally DID ruin his sister's wedding.
If he doesn't die, she'll totally kill him for this later.
26th of March, 2016 (Saturday)
Kid Cthulhu
"Wait! I loved you in Sherlock! I just want your autograph, Mr. Cumberbatch!"
27th of March, 2016 (Sunday)
So the gunman looked inside then left, and he decided to chase the person who was shooting up his house earlier even though he is unarmed...
28th of March, 2016 (Monday)
@Qui? It's clear that he's after Charlie, and Sam saving his past self has got to be self-preservation somehow... Although their timelines seem to differ greatly now, I'm sticking with the "Charlie forgets everything and grows up into present-day Charlie (aka Sam)" single-timeline theory here. If Charlie dies Sam ceases to exist and we have a mega-massive time paradox! (Other theories, such as multi-timeline or clone allow survival of one without the other, but shh...)
29th of March, 2016 (Tuesday)
What's with Holmes stalking everyone?

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