11th of March, 2016 (Friday)

Page 357

Well, Charlie certainly will remember it.

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11th of March, 2016 (Friday)
I can't tell if he is being sarcastic or not.
There are many words that describe Ash. "Reasonable" is not one of them.
that kiwi guy
still waiting for the assassin or some more info as to why they're after him, like come on its been 357 pages without much information.
Aww they're so cute. I hope their relationship takes a break for a few years, during which they can just be buds. I think when they're older it'll work out for them.
Ok, where is our chrono assassin so Eos can start getting even more confused and ask even more questions about the 'clone' thing and learn the truth?
Awww! They're being honest, how cute.
The whole "they look opposite gender" thing is really apparent in the last panel. Charlie even sits girly.
12th of March, 2016 (Saturday)
I like Ash's thinking. I also like this glimpse of 2 kids at an age where two dry kisses have somehow automatically moved their relationship beyond "just friends". I guess I'm just an old man, but kinda sad that in about ten years they'll be living in a tinder world where going way beyond kissing still barely even moves your relationship into "casual acquaintances" status.
Shadow Serious
@that kiwi guy I think that this is a game of some sort one person or team has a target to kill the other is the one that choses the target and tries to protect (not that I've seen any attempt to protect so far except for the warning letter).
13th of March, 2016 (Sunday)
Aw, well, there goes my ship, I guess, though nothing's stoping me from friend-shipping them, which certainly works out so far :P
that kiwi guy
@Shadow Serious I dont think that would be a very ethical game
assasin guy; Now i HAVE to kill them both if it continue like this

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