10th of February, 2016 (Wednesday)

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"Wait, who was she talking about?"

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10th of February, 2016 (Wednesday)
Kid Cthulhu
I'm starting to like Ash more and more as I read ^_^
yay, now make up!,wait i meant..
What a shit dad
Double Bogey
And ... that's why I want a daughter!
Well fuck you too, Dad.
Why hasn't hos wife divorced him yet...?
Me, not you
The award for best dad goes to.....someone else
Dang. Guess we've got some daddy issues (for Sam anyway)
elf king
funny ash named 3/5 of my criteria for a good spouse there...
@elf king what are the other two?
Is it any wonder he's sitting alone in a corner?
I want to believe Sam's dad did this on purpose—not to be a jackass, but to get the kids back together. It's very possible he knows the situations since Sam's mom already conveyed she witnessed Charlie's/Ash's conflict and had a talk with Charlie about it. Of course, he could simply be a big old jerk. Such parents do exist—even when their kids grow up to be good people.
I believe this is how my niece will turn out. At 2, she is sweet and cute, but also tough and has her own opinions and isn't afraid to express them. Great kid.
Has he met his daughter? Also he needs to get dunked on so bad.
11th of February, 2016 (Thursday)
He seems like a bad person.
@vyktoria compatible sexuality and above the age of consent, probably?
12th of February, 2016 (Friday)
elf king
@atemu1234 I thought those would be assumed, That and I was only thinking of character qualities. @vyktorya loves children, and shares my religion and values.
@Elf King those are always quite important. Children are amazing. :)

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