8th of February, 2016 (Monday)

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8th of February, 2016 (Monday)
Well, now we know who this jerk is.
Ore Another Or
I wish, sometimes, that I could simply yell that "shut up" at my brother and just silence him! He needs to stop sometimes, but he is just too childish, and too playful. I think that is why, sometimes, I will just move in the other direction and ignore him.
papino 134
she mad
Kid Cthulhu
I so called this on page 341.
I really feel for Ash. Especially since she has all the parts of the puzzle (even more so than Sam and/or Charlie) but she can't say anything. On top of it there's all the gendered stereotypical crap.
I expect the next page to be a wall of text. I fully understand why his son wouldn't introduce him to his grandson. Put him in his place and instant fake reason why it's the first of them meeting. Oh, and didn't his son drop a gun man just recently.
Also: "Did you see that wimpy kid before you that looks nothing at all like my son did years ago, nope, I swear he isn't the exact image of the kid in those photo albums we have? Ran away like a little girl. Reminds me of my own son, but only a little bit. Just because of his actions, nothing about the face, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the hair, the everything.... nope."
@ERA: that's something you forget. I mean, if you don't look at the pictures every day, you forget how your children looked. Maybe some people forget more than others, but, it's a fact. OR they might know and fake?...
@caribouchat: that's true, but I feel that if someone that is the literal spitting image of your kid appears you'd be more than just "reminded" because they acted a little bit like your kid did.
What a charmer...
@ERA, yes, and that's why I suspect maybe Tober is just playing with us. But, irl, it's really surprising how many people tell about children "he's *exactly* like his father - she's *exactly* like her mother at the same age", whether it be true or not... I even heard that for adopted children. Suppose that's because we mimick our parent's expressions whatever our looks.
My dad is sort of like this... My brothers, although they're all for yelling and arguing, I'm the only one whose been known to throw a punch. Yet my dad still gets dissapointed because I'm the girl, I'm not supposed to hit. Even though secretly he roots for me if the other person has it coming, still, I'm not SUPPOSED to, therefore it's wrong...
He can just tell him he's a girl and watch him shut up pretty quickly. :-)
She looks so angry. I really can't wait to see what she unleashes on this poor unsuspecting soul.
Augh. His tie is loose. Driving me nuts.
9th of February, 2016 (Tuesday)
Happy Pancakes
So sorry your son became a functioning member of society instead of idk a sad sack in a bar that does nothing but get drunk and complain about how he "Coulda gone pro" or a pathetic old man who refuses to see that his family probably despises him but hey, nope. Nothing could be worse than - gasp - a son who doesn't play sports.
@Fashionable - maybe ash will sort that for him 😏
Best part is he offend Ash three was. Because A) She's a girl B) Shes friends with Sam C) She's friends with Charlie. Kick him too. He earned it.
Hi, Ash's tongue.
No wonder Sam / Charlie hates his father...
Face palm face palm face palm

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