1st of February, 2016 (Monday)

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Poor Ash.

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1st of February, 2016 (Monday)
I feel like the first panel could be used as a reaction image to stuff on the internet.
Kid Cthulhu
You could always start that as a meme, Alias.
I also second "Poor Ash". Gal can't get a break.
Alas, poor Yorick. Wait... what?
Big Al
Did everybody shop at the same store or something? Everyone has on the exact same tie. And I think everyone's suit is the same color.
Are we having just glimpses of the wedding party, or are there really only a few isolated persons in this large empty room? And this could be Sam's father, couldn't it?
Does she punch him now? He's practically asking for it.
Invisible fingers when behind clear glass?
Ash can't win for losing...
And that is a HORRIBLE attitude for an adult to take with young children!
Big Al: A lot of times all the men in a wedding party dress the same. (Women sort of do the same.) This guy might be close family.
Rock: In fairness, he seems to have had a bit too much.
Drawing and coloring takes time, even with fancy computer graphics so its not unusual for clothing to be the same. Unless its part of the story arc its not really an important concept
Some people set requirements for their guests' wardrobe at their weddings, don't they?
2nd of February, 2016 (Tuesday)
You guys need to be less critical of her art style jeez she puts out a good story. Her art is very good other than a few easy mistakes. Love the story btw
If the bridesmaids have matching colors, the groomsmen oft will coordinate as well.
Mark Linimon
I doubt the kids brought suits with them. These are probably rentals.
The kids went to a tailor to get suits several pages ago.
Groomsmen are very often color coordinated so it all looks nice. They probably got their suits from the same tailor.
@tacocat Wait, I though Tober was a guy?!?
As much as I agree, he does use the same image as Ash in the about page. Maybe we should be using gender neutral to be on the safe side?

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