25th of December, 2015 (Friday)

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Everyone knows if you wear velcro to a wedding, the bride will literally kill you.

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25th of December, 2015 (Friday)
Le commenter
Stupid great what now?
old troll
White after Labor Day ?
I mean REALLY !
Well Sam, what did you expect... you turned him and Ash loose, unsupervised, with money so he bought shoes and lunch. He got what he wanted. You had no input... So deal with it or make him wear the dress which might look better with the shoes... whatever.
That Guy
I feel like next comic, he's gonna have to ask Charlie about the cut on his lip... Also, what is in Sam's hand in frame one?
The unholy RIPPING noise of velcro was condemned by the Vatican in 1986.
Or at least, there's a timeline out there where it was.
I have to wear velcro or step-ins. I never managed to learn to tie my shoes because of neuro-motor issues.
26th of December, 2015 (Saturday)
Personally I really dislike laces, I always step on them or they otherwise come undone. I'll wear them, but I prefer to not.
White velcro shoes aren't the worst thing to be worn to a wedding.
Hahaha! If the fact he looks like himself at the same age doesn't tip everyone off the shoes will. Those shoes are so late 80s/early 90s! It has to be very hard to find a replica of those these days—especially in white.
27th of December, 2015 (Sunday)
@dotcom, I believe that sketchers has that make available, I recall seeing them in an outlet last time shoes needed to be acquired. But I could be wrong
To paraphrase Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redeption, "Who looks at a man's shoes?"
28th of December, 2015 (Monday)
The bride will /literally/ kill you?
Oy vey...
I mean, Kate's bad, but she's not a murderer... right? RIGHT?
Oh god, this is part of that super-secret time travel plot, isn't it?
SHE'S the one who's putting Sam Charlie's life in danger!!!
:o :o :o
(Seriously though, she's not, is she? 'cause that would just make this a really gruesome f'd up comic. Trigger/content warning? :o
@LaughingTarget: ..."Who looks at a man's shoes?" Women, that's who.

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