21st of December, 2015 (Monday)

Page 322

She must have used her special permanent makeup that can never come off no matter what!

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21st of December, 2015 (Monday)
Elf king
Oh no, what will Charlie think. I hope he says something reassuring well letting ash know that he likes her the way she naturally looks.
Maybe just the lipstick... it really jumps in your face, she looks like a child bride and that is creepy
And now we know why the weeping angels cover their faces. They let Kate do their makeup.
Well... That *is* what happens when you use red nail polish for lipstick, Kate! XD
That Guy
She probably is pretending to say it won't come off...
Adults are meeeeean.
Trickery!!! lol
AH HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!
Tober, you're so mean to your characters!
Agree with @That Guy:
I think Kate's bluffing. psh.
Either she was offended (enough to want some payback -- hey, maybe this runs in the family?),
or she just /really/ wants to sway Ash toward "embracing her feminine side" (for who knows what reasons; maybe because misery loves company?).
And next update, she's out in the garage, looking for sandpaper.
That'll get it off. That will get EVERYTHING off!
Many types of makeup do not come off with just a washcloth and soap, they need some cold cream or other cleaner to remove them.
Question is, does Kate have some in her bag or not?
I think That Guy is right. This seems to be a conspiracy.
Kid Cthulhu
I also vote for conspiracy.
"Well, since the makeup is not coming off, better make the most of it and be my flowergirl. Kaythanxbuhbye."
I still think Ash looks nice with the makeup on. Even with the bold red lipstick she looks more feminine than without the make up. See page 99; Ash with long hair. She is definitely more feminine with the long tresses than with the short hair. I think her brother is right, the short hair does make her look like a boy.
22nd of December, 2015 (Tuesday)
Oh no she's pissing me offff, I hated that kind of adult when I was a child, and it stayed with me. Why is it that these characters seem so real to me?
Oh and btw, what a shallow and uninteresting vision of femininity. Way to go, Kate, coercing a child into expressing herself in the way *you* want her to because that's what women's identities are : makeuped and mean, with bitching men and aesthetics as their favourite bonding devices. Seriously? That women's character is so realistic it makes me sad. (Paradoxically enough, that's why I love this comic).
I very much agree with Davely on this, Kate seems like a very shallow person, and if someone coerced my daughter into wearing makeup then on top of that, pretending it wouldn't come of, all thewhile telling them makeup makes girls pretty.... I would be so pissed.
23rd of December, 2015 (Wednesday)
It's funny how people are getting so upset at it.
Kate herself when asked why she's wearing makeup said "because I want to..."
Do you need a real reason to do something you want to? Get over yourselves.

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