18th of December, 2015 (Friday)

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Turns out this has been a batman fanfic the whole time. Surprise.

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18th of December, 2015 (Friday)
So, Kate noticed that Charlie looks just like Sam and thought that he was a time traveler from the past was the more likely answer than a kid looking like his dad?
I mean she wasn't wrong, but that is not the conclusion I would jump to.
Fake name
Mra- even kids who are like their parents won't have the same mannerisms etc and we are potentially missing some things. We don't know what makes her think this yet.
Kate is a little heavy on the lipstick...
There could be more reasons than time travel, she may think something else is the cause... all she knows for sure it's Charlie is young Sam and no one told her how or why.
For example, Kate may be indirectly responsible. We don't know who sent Charlie forward or why. She might (have) be(en) part of it.
If you want to get really meta, depending on how much paradox there is in this story, she may remember another incident with Sam and/or Charlie and/or time travel which is giving her ideas. And she doesn't understand why neither of them seem to remember it.
the intense red doesn't really suit Ashley - should either be burgund or pink
That Guy
Am I the only on that thinks Kate looks like a terrifying Russian hairdresser in panel one?
It's also entirely possible that Johnny just couldn't keep his mouth shut and that's how Kate knows
Kid Cthulhu
I love Ash's dumbfounded look in panel three (right before she loses it).
Charidan, Seins;Gate much? :3
*Steins;Gate (Ugggh.)
I think Ash looks pretty fem in panel three; actually more fem than Kate in panel one. I realize Kate was using the lipstick she had out, on hand, but if she'd used a less bold color on Ash's lips Ash would not have reacted like she did in panels four and five. Tone down the lips and Ash could be a real looker.
I thought she looked rather pretty, yes heavy on the lipstick - but I'm thinking that's a stylistic thing. I mean I hate hair clips, but I also hate make up so my opinion doesn't count there. Though I want to see Charlie's face when he sees hers ^~^
Yes, Kate you *are*. But Ash actually wears that lipstick color better. Blot! Blot! Blot!
But for the record? Kate *is* great at hair. :) Love the hair clips in Ash. They are super adorable, we get a nice clear look at her eyes, and that is a look she can get accessories *she* likes (or make them). Hair clips don't have to be "girly." Not in the pretty frilly flowery sense anyhow. :)
Eyes are pretty, lips not so much.
Gonna have to agree with everyone else, the lips should've been toned down. (I guess it's fine for Kate's "look" considering she has darker hair and bold colors work a little better there) but I dunno, I've never been a fan of those who wear really red lipstick, it does look pretty clownish to me.
19th of December, 2015 (Saturday)
Actually, the real question is why is Kate bothering to do her own make up on her wedding day? Couldn't find a professional on such short notice?
20th of December, 2015 (Sunday)
lol, Ash does look silly.
I think my pupils dilated at panel 3
Hopefully the last laugh will be on Kate. Ash will scrub that crap off and go back to being the handsome person she is.
Waylander - I agree. Even if you can't afford one, make-up exerienced/talented friends or family can step in to do make up and hair. The red is really not that great on either Kate or Ash, though I think it actually looks worse on Kate (too much on her upper lip—her lips look like fish lips). Hopefully someone steps in and helps them. :)

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