30th of November, 2015 (Monday)

Page 313

Charlie did not think this plan through.

Today is the 2nd birthday of the comic.

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30th of November, 2015 (Monday)
Eos looks like she's glowing
Charlie not only looks like his dad, but those photos would show that he had the exact same haircut at the same age.
Kid Cthulhu
Happy Birthday, Blood Splattered Socks!
Happy Bloodsplatteredsocks day, and here's to more! :p The story is glory. :s :)
Would it be weird if I said I cleaned my room TODAY and found a sock covered in blood?
It's so good to see great webcomic like this continuing on!
Eos will get the viewing of a lifetime xD
this webcomics great love it ive being reading it for more than a year
1st of December, 2015 (Tuesday)
She has her own halo!
Happy Birthday Blood Splattered Socks! Today also happens to be the literature-famous Mark Twain's birthday.
I love how Charlie didn't really think "We both look exactly the same as in the photo album."
To some innocent people, they think kid is the spitting image of the dad; Then there are those who suspect something about those two...
Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your story and artwork with us.
Judging by the facial expressions in panel 5; they both look like a couple of miscreants caught in the act and standing before the school principal.
Eos, possibly named opafter the Greek goddess of the Dawn, is given a sunlit sihoullte very nice touch.
It was at this point in time when everything started going downhill.
@Db3 her character bio says she is the goddess of dawn (most likely as a joke). I'm starting to beleive it a bit more, because this isn't her first time glowing in sunlight.
On a similar note, most of the commentors calls the time assassin 'chrono assassin' but I just call him Kronos until proven otherwise.
2nd of December, 2015 (Wednesday)
whataname, here comes the Greek god twists.
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
And here we have Eos living up to her name.

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