2nd of November, 2015 (Monday)

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If Kate ever finds out about this, she'll be so mad.

That she missed topless Eos.

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2nd of November, 2015 (Monday)
lol, that's great.
DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN!! Yeeeay it's the lovely Eos! (Don't freak out Sam!! Take a big slow breath and just relaxxxx). PS- how much friggin beer did they need before that phone call happened lol
Both too mortified to turn around; Johnny fears death by Kate, Sam death by nosebleed.
I wonder if she'll trip over the chair and go flailing, like an angel, into Sam's arms... or into the other chair... or the pool...
I have a feeling Charlie's having a whale of a time with Ash; or more of being wailed on BY Ash.
Also i feel Hangover style shenanigans about to happen.
Kid Cthulhu
I was not expecting this! Well played, Tober. Well played.
Eirika R.
Awwwwww yea! XD
Someone is going to have to 'splain' this to Kate... not me. I pulled a Bach. Party For my brother with all of the groom's men. We went bar crawling and each of us bought a shot for the groom at each bar and only kept to one shot each per bar. My brother was soooo hungover for his wedding and the reception and the wedding night that his wife (my sister-in-law),still holds a grudge against me to this day...over 40 years later.
She has 'undies' so why is the sheep still on the backside?
Eos is so chill... It's marvelous. ^_^
@Rock: To prevent any damage on poor readers due to excessive nosebleed ;)
oh, @Badeyes, of course.
Why does she have a 'censor-sheep' on her undies but not her top?
@ Rick: Because the censorsheep would faint and fall off from sensory overload. ^_^
Opus the Poet
I have a feeling the "censor sheep" was a side bet: "Find a plush sheep and glue it to your butt"
I now strongly agree with Opus. Where did they get the plush sheep from any way? Is Morpheus even the original or another of those clones?
Does Eos own a sheep factory?
3rd of November, 2015 (Tuesday)
27th of February, 2018 (Tuesday)
Usually you don't censor the back side ... But it certainly adds humor :)

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