30th of October, 2015 (Friday)

Page 300

You should see where 'rules for draw and stud poker' is stuck to.

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30th of October, 2015 (Friday)
I wonder how many times Sam has woken up "ugh my head hurts... where are my pants?"
Also no armpit hair
Le commenter
I love that censorship XD
Kid Cthulhu
Now would be an awful time to get ambushed by the Chrono-Assassin.
Eirika R.
5 bucks says they threw the clothes off the roof... Hahahahaha!
nice censor
When I saw the start I wondered what they had been doing. It had implications... Then further down I realised it was censorship.
Not censorship....censorSheep
Um, see what Charlie has to look forward to? And with his best friend.
Isn't the wedding today? Hmmm.
Hairless? I was looking forward to the thick, red carpet on Johnny's chest.
I like to think that the endgame for strip poker with these two is "glue a sheep to your butt. I dare you."
Eirika R.
Oh, I didn't notice the tan lines on them earlier... Nice detail.
Looks like Charlie isn't the only one in an awkward situation, after all.
You, not me
This comic has gotten seriously creepy lately, and not in a good way.
@Rick sort of, it's definitely walking the line. It's a lot of content that's easily taken wrong or right depending on the next few pages.
Definitely earning the NSFW rating that I don't recall seeing.
Three mobile phones? Guess the third person has there clothes... And they have more sheep photos.
@Ack Check the previous page.
Baaaaaaaaaaad boys. Tossed them over the building I bet.
Well I like this comic. Very fun slice of life with added time travel. Fourth on my list of things to check each day.
What if that isn't a censor...
Makes you wonder how that stays in place, huh?
31st of October, 2015 (Saturday)
Thought those were cards at first but yea looks like 3 cellphones (back pointed this out).
Maybe they did end up calling Eos and they both lost :)
Ack not back... silly auto correct
I wish to point out that Sam has a fairly standard T-shirt tan while Jonny has a speedo tan.
Those sheep, though. lol. This was a perfect way to start off the chapter. XD
I did get a kick out of the 'censor-sheep', though. :)
Perhaps the three squarish things are cellphones AND wallets / cards?
1st of November, 2015 (Sunday)
The groom is standing naked on a roof and has know idea what happened last night. Meanwhile... Kate is putting on her wedding gown. Ooh Boy... is this going to take a lot of explaining.
Is that from one six pack of beer... or a 12 pack? Either way I never thought that you Aussies were such light weights that you'd lose a night over so little alcohol.
Two dudes on a roof butt naked!? This is a job for some censor-sheep!
2nd of November, 2015 (Monday)
Maybe it's some German 12% beers... or Russian 39% soft drinks ;)
@Jono: Hmmm. I never considered that Sam would spring for the high dollar imported brews. Of course this is Johnny's Bachelor party so yeah break out the top-shelf stuff... Still to lose a whole night over even a couple 39% Russian brews is still pretty light weight.
15th of November, 2015 (Sunday)
I'm just... I hadn't had the time to check on the pages for a while... And every time I click on the next button there's something even weirder/shocking going on, and right now I'm just WHAT... WHAT?!?.... WHAT AM I EVEN READIIIINNNNNG??!!!
I love it.

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