28th of October, 2015 (Wednesday)

Page 299

The next few pages might be somewhat not safe for work.

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28th of October, 2015 (Wednesday)
love the sheep costume! This should be an interesting chapter.
Is that a fishing hook stuck in his buttcheek? Why you so clumsy, Charlie?
Le commenter
Oh dear god.
Kid Cthulhu
Poor Charlie is having his very own "Christmas Story" moment in that plush suit.
Le commenter
It's kinda weird that Charlie's structure is pretty much the same in all these pictures, it'd make more sense if they look much younger.
@Le commenter:
I see your point. The only theory I can come up with is, Charlie is a time traveler. Or maybe he's a last of his kind...a young Time Lord: A Dr. Who relative.
Lol his structure changes, look at the hair length! :)
29th of October, 2015 (Thursday)
Who's to say that some of these photos didn't happen after Charlie leapt through time?
Humiliation inbound! :^)

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