9th of October, 2015 (Friday)

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Johnny had a regular bachelor's party with his regular friends already.

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9th of October, 2015 (Friday)
I like that you actually draw ears.
Double Bogey
I've been in charge of 3-4 Bachelor Parties. The best ones are the nice but loud, contemplative dinners with drinks and cigars. Nothing raunchy or immature. I always promise the bride that their groom comes home unsullied ... slightly tipsy, but unmolested.
Pretty wild bachelor party.
Also I love the stars in this
How high up is this roof? The first panel is kinda odd, looking down at stars.
@zhourahl It seems to be either the top of the hotel or a parking ramp, so I would guess at least ten stories. If there's not much else around looking down on stars would make sense since there would be nothing blocking the skyline but the roof is high enough up that you don't see the ground.
10th of October, 2015 (Saturday)
Chilling with a bestfriend is the greatest bachelor party option. Extravagant parties are for after the wedding. :p
@DMAN: ...Or after the divorce...
My boyfriend went to a bachelor party last night. I didn't get to go like we had planned so I got called a slut. I think I had more fun texting the drunk people than I would have had going!
Kid Cthulhu
My friend had two bachelor parties; one was a paintball outing, the other one was a D&D game I ran the next day (with select members of the previous bachelor party).
13th of October, 2015 (Tuesday)
@Wally, whatever floats your boat.

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