7th of October, 2015 (Wednesday)

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Of course you're not a babysitter, Ash. Babysitters get paid.

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7th of October, 2015 (Wednesday)
Whipped cream can be served room temperature right?
Wait, is she eating his ice cream or feeding it to him? She's gonna sick too if they share a spoon.
Hot chocolate can be made with mostly milk.
Other deserts can be hot and with large milk content.
Whipped cream can be served room temperature but I don't recommend it as highly as it's chilled andor unmelted state
Kid Cthulhu
Parenting Fail, Sam...
Imagine if the Chrono-Assassin stuck while they were alone at the hotel and they had to run to whatever strip joint Sam & Johnny were celebrating at? Talk about awkward!
I refuse to believe Charlie has a contagous disease. He's been poisened.
@Kid Cthulhu: Good news—Sam’s not a parent, so he’s good on parenting fails! Better yet, Charlie is him, so it’s really just failing to take care of himself.
Chrono Trenchie probably has a cold trail to follow. (Punz)
@DMAN - especially if he is only checking the shops cctv covering chocolate ice cream.
@Zhourahl ... Yep. Poisoned. By cooties. His cooties are currently loosing to Ash's.
LOL! @Faust "Looks like them, but they got strawberry so it's impossible it's them!"
8th of October, 2015 (Thursday)
hmmm- i wonder if it could be serious, i mean there is never ever a virus that someone would be vaccinated against over an what is it - an 11 yr time period? im not sure how that works, but he could be sick by soemthing hes not vaccinated for ( btw i know next to nothing about the medical systems or how often someone gets vaccinated or what all it does for them.)
Kid Cthulhu
@Rex: It might even be a symptom of time travel for all we know. The longer you're out of your time loop, the sicker you become or something?
If it's a real sickness the most likely would be a flu, if that's the case he'll recover in 1-6 days depending on his immune system and if the flu is similar to any previously exposed strains.
It's highly unlikely it's any new thing a vaccine would have fixed but I don't travel time yet so both Kid and Rex may still be right... we'll see as the story goes on :)

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