5th of October, 2015 (Monday)

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If he wasn't, he'd find the ice cream shoved down the back of his shirt.

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5th of October, 2015 (Monday)
Kid Cthulhu
Great face there, Ash. I think I'd say, "I mean, thanks." in his place too.
I agree with @Kid. No better phrase to use after that face
I suddenly feel pity for Ash's future children.
@Lokitsu: If Ash uses that facial expression too often, later in life, she may not get the chance to 'have' children. There aren't many men who'd put up with that 'attitude'; especially in Australia.
Luckily, she's half american.
Ugh, being sick sucks. Going from too hot to cold just when you should be feeling comfy... >.
Kids are horrible.
Proof: I was one.
6th of October, 2015 (Tuesday)
They could of bought chocolate syrup to cover the strawberry ice cream in, but they forgot or didn't even think of that. lol

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