16th of September, 2015 (Wednesday)

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"And you don't even know about all of the nasty, nasty things we've done in bed"

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16th of September, 2015 (Wednesday)
lol, that description.
Eirika R.
Kate looks precariously close to the edge there.
...Livin' on the edge, atta girl Kate.
Well, this is fun.
Silly Sam, Kate probably figured it out already... she's just waiting for you to explain why you're keeping it a secret and how lil'Sam is here to begin with.
I wonder what feet have to do with this story since hurt feet seem to keep on popping up. This story is called blood spattered socks. Sam/charlie have the scar on his feet and Ash did cut her foot. I wonder if the cut could have been foreshadowing? Great comic by the way. The art keeps on getting better and better.
Yes I think the "blood splattered socks" is some kind of foreshadowing to all this. Because the cuts and feet are now becoming common, would you think that Kate gain a cut on her own foot? If's that's the case, we might be seeing a new trend.
Miss Teddy
The scared foot is a sign of the chosen one!
Miss Teddy
Wait... If they're the same person why are their eyes different colors?
It's the brother, not 'him self'
Opus the Poet
No, it's the "best friend" who is marrying his sister.
Kid Cthulhu
Opus the Poet is right. The hair is also lighter. Plus look at where they're seated in the first panel.
17th of September, 2015 (Thursday)
@Kid Cthulhu: You are right. Sam is wearing long sleeves and has the same hair color as young Charlie. It's Johnny that Charlie isn't going to forgive and Johnny who answers "I wouldn't expect you to." I had to look at the first panel twice to see the difference. I guess Charlie is going to hold that grudge for a long time. Especially if he ever gets back to his own time line. This wedding is going to really screw with his relationships; with his best friend and his sister... poor kid.
Yeah - I see that now. I always read this before bed so not at my best. I think if I were the sister I would totally pin down the boys and get them talking. They are so bad at this cover story thing!
Look at how board Ash is. She is at a wedding where she doesn't even know the principle players... and she's confused about Charlie. I bet she wishes she went to that summer camp thing...
She probably just wants to get back to the TV and watch another movie with time travel
19th of September, 2015 (Saturday)
Why are you giving your child-self a footsie, Charlie?

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