4th of September, 2015 (Friday)

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I see you've played dressy-suity before!

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4th of September, 2015 (Friday)
Tober you troll
She even has the same tie as charlie. I bet she would do the same not if she could.
Why is no one worried about the time assassin?
You look awesome XD Better than Charlie, actually
Haha... I wonder if she's doing that as a joke...
@Mayve there's not any reason to be worried about something at all times of the day... Sam seems to stay up late because of the assassin if that helps calm your worries :)
I think Charlie is disappointed.
@Solar I certainly am. I was looking forward to her reaction.
I guess they figure that by driving the car they eluded the assassin. But he knew how to find their home, so presumably he might know about their sister and her wedding, and look for them there... so I'm still worried.
However, I'm pretty sure the comic will continue to be enjoyable, and not turn into a blood-spattered horror show. So I'm just enjoying all the jokes as they happen.
And of course we don't really know quite what's going on. It may yet turn out that the assassin wasn't trying to kill anyone; maybe he just wanted them all to take a long car trip together. It could be an elaborate plan to set up Charlie and Ash romantically!
The last panel looks.... odd. The perspective seems warped.
Ash looks great in a suit, though! 'Sugoi kawaii-desu!' (Please don't hurt me.)
Shut up Charlie, and button your jacket. You look like a slob next to Ash.
@mra. Sorry it's a KNOT... and I'm not really a grammar Nasti. honest.
So i just binged read this, I Love it. Your sense of humor always makes me laugh.
btw i'm a New Zealander.
Aww, Charlie seems disappointed. All they need is a third and they could be the kid version of the MIB, with cooler ties.
@ Thomas, Welcome to the party! :)
Never mind, they don't need a third. lol
Ash looks good in a suit. Charlie on the other hand may still end up in a dress.
Kid Cthulhu
While the page is good, I'm still snickering over Tober's comment. I guess they get the Simpsons reruns down under (especially since that reference is from the episode where Bart gets extradited to Australia).
"That's not a knife, it's a spoon." "Oh, I see you've played knifey-spoony before."
Told you she wouldn't be wearing a dress. :)
@Sharo I love your comment about the MIB thing. I think it would be brilliant if Tober made some sort of reference to that in the comic
Ash has been in the Boyd's department- buttons on the right.
Darned autocorrect. That should be boy's, not Boyd's.
Dressy - Suity hehehe. Made my day.
Of course it's not a dress.
This is a suit store. They deal in men's (and boys') suits.
If you wanted a dress, well, that's across town.
6th of September, 2015 (Sunday)
We had to dress up for school on Friday for band, and all the guys had to where ties. I attempted Charlie's knot, but I just went with a bowtie. I wasn't allowed in the picture, though...

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