2nd of September, 2015 (Wednesday)

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Sam would suggest Charlie wear his birthday suit instead, but that tucks in too.

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2nd of September, 2015 (Wednesday)
The problem with time is it's not a line, it's a single point... time has only ever existed in the now.
We measure the 'passage' of time and describe things as a timeline to simplify the passage of time. These facts however won't change how much I enjoy things on time travel.
Sorry, above post ment for previous page... comic updated and it posted it to this one... sorry for any inconvenience caused!
What's the big deal with having to tuck in a shirt?
That's what I always tell people when they talk about time travel, or say something about time. It's a man-made essence, so technically, there is no time. Have you read The Time Machine? I like how H. G. Wells explains it with space and not having total control over that. At the same time as thinking on it only existing in the now, time travel is an extremely interesting topic, and is so much fun to talk about.
Wanna know how geeky I was as a kid? I tucked in my everyday shirt even when not required to. Or maybe I was a rebel against my own age group?
should have gone with the dress charlie.
Plus it looks much better tucked... oh I wonder if Sam will be dressed the same including the green tie... can't wait!
Amateur physics geek
Some readers here have never heard of Boson particles. Time is considered to be relative though it's still a variable considered to be proven. Time can be manipulated in different ways.
"Tucking! I totally didn't just have a daydream where I was in a dress! Nope! You know nothing! There's no evidence! The Counting Sheep are LYING! It'll NEVER hold up in court--I wanna lawyer!"
i like parallel universes theory on time travel where each decision branches off from the main infinitely so jumping to another where the big bang happened backwards or forwards from the current point would be considered time travel but only in the eyes of the travelers so if we watched people jump they just left for what is most likely forever since yea infinity is kind of a big number and all (\ .,. /)
Most physicists use time as a non-constant factor. Feynman proposed that an electron-positron annihilation was based on the positron moving backward in time to meet the electron moving forward in time. The math actually makes sense, but you really need the visuals to get it.
Despite being a girl my dad made me tuck in my shirt all the time. So I basically hate it even when I know it looks better. Shiroken is the complete opposite - he loves tucking in even t-shirts.
Tober! Geez. Poor Charlie, even his creator makes cruel jokes at his expense.
I love it.
"Don't wanna." lol. The universal kid reponse.
Thursday Violist
What if there were different parallel universes whereby in each time travel behaved differently?
Sam is REALLY getting good at this parenting gig. ^_^
@Jono @Turtle
If time was a point, Einstein's theory of relativity could not be true. It relies completely on time being a dimension that can be rotated in relation to space.
It also asserts that "happened at the same time" is relative, as two observers going through the same position can view two events as having happened in any order, simply based on the direction in which they are traveling.
Of course, all of this was already tested and found to be true. We already know that time dilation is real, and that time isn't uniform across the universe.
At this point in human development, this is still considered an advanced subject. But it's likely that in the near future "point time" will be seen as equivalent to "flat Earth".
3rd of September, 2015 (Thursday)
Timelines can be represented by points on a line with dates and other informations. The idea of a flat Earth is absurd, but the depiction helps with mapping and navigation. Points of time and a flat Earth don't exist outside of maps and navigation, if you catch my point. Dimensions are really interesting as well(especially since time is the fourth dimension). http://ultraculture.org/blog/2014/12/16/heres-visual-guide-10-dimensions-reality/
That's why is all theory: it can't be proven, like the law of gravity... and you can't outright disprove it otherwise it would no longer be a theory.
I love the multiple timeline theory but I hate the movies, TV shows, and books... not all but the ones where each timeline is already different and the point is to change 1 timeline so what happened in the other one didn't happen to this one. It's like why bother if there's thousands if not millions of other timelines?! If it was me I'd be looking for the timeline with giant robots fighting giant aliens :)
It is a matter of PRINCIPLE!

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