14th of August, 2015 (Friday)

Page 267

Kate had to stop herself from giving Ash a head scratch for being such a good girl.

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14th of August, 2015 (Friday)
Those teeth! Tober knows that feeling well!
LOL oh that's perfect!
Kate's determined look, Ash's playing along, Sam's teasing...
It's so good, funny, believable, all of it is so perfect.
Charlie looks high as fuck in the second panel.
It would be more realistic if Charlie was around the other side to watch.
I've seen chimps with shorter toes!
Eirika R.
Is Charlie giving his sister a death stare? Hahaha!
Kid Cthulhu
I think that's a sympathy-wince, Eirika R.
You may both be right...
@Phlatus same, but my 7 year old cousin has longer toes than Ash... freaks me out lol. Also feet are hard to draw so I don't hold it against a comic so long as they try and don't just put curbed stumps / always wearing shoes or socks.
This storyline is priceless. ^_^
"I don't like doctors, but my best friend's future self's sister is a veterinarian, so I'm ok with that."
Supergued the wound together .... check! Superglued the bandage on to the wound ... check!
If you don't want her to lick the wound put a cone around her neck.
Ha! Oh PLEASE put a Cone-of-Shame on Ash! ^_^
Deof Movestofca
At least they didn't offer her a Scooby Snack....
Opus the Poet
@Deof Movestofca, you know those are just 'Nilla Wafers in dog shapes.
16th of August, 2015 (Sunday)
I like the toe-clenching details
Dang Son
@Shooshy Charlie DOES look frikin high lol

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