5th of August, 2015 (Wednesday)

Page 263

"Here, I got a picture of it on my phone..."
"I'll take your word for it!"

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5th of August, 2015 (Wednesday)
This is really weird.
and the innuendos just keep on going.
They are going to keep this going or die laughing, at this rate.
Le commenter
Kid Cthulhu
Sam, stop making this weird :P
LOL, this is great.
It's weird but then again when's the last time you had a normal conversation with family? I always go with the "it's tiny but so angry!" Approach myself
The only thing I find weird here is how quickly they get to the casual penis jokes level after having seemingly not seen each other for over 11 years apparently?
I mean not weird as in it's badly written, weird as in every page makes me want to know more ^o^
Seer of Trope
... hey guys. You don't think this is gonna go Predestination All You Zombies on us?
@Volfa, I'm sure that they've seen each other quite a bit (Sam's sister is kinda marrying his best friend here). Sam will probably go with the "I didn't know I had a son until he showed up at my door saying he was my kid."
So I read this one, and swear to God that just for a minute the button at the top said Perv....
Innuendos, fun for the whole family!
6th of August, 2015 (Thursday)
8th of August, 2015 (Saturday)
I think it's pretty realistic for the kids to be starting with simple penis jokes at that age.
15th of April, 2017 (Saturday)
Ash: you're family weird, Sam.
Both Sams: Nu uh.

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