31st of July, 2015 (Friday)

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They coulda been in New Zealand and still heard.

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31st of July, 2015 (Friday)
He does have a birth certificate and passport so all lies are pre arranged. Now who is the mother?
I don't see the how they wouldn't know.
yeah, I'd say the whole, 'not ruin her big day' plan failed.
"I guess."
Good thing he's not my brother or father. He'd get punched.
No doubt the parents will have a photo album around to compare likeness. Kids often have bare feet, how long until someone spots the scar?
At this point, Sam deserves whatever happens.
Either Johnny dropped the ball by not telling Kate about this ahead of time, or she wasn't listening, or she didn't believe him...So now it's aunt Kate to Charlie...heh.
I heard it, and I am in California 2 years in the past.
Okay, I am getting really concerned about Sam's childhood. o_รต Just what kind of people are his parents...?
This probably could have been fixed if he just said he recently adopted Charlie.
I don't get it, why not just come clean? After all, he could easily prove who he really is....
@Chris: The letter Sam got from Charlie in the first pages of the comic specified that he (grown-up Sam) was to tell nobody about who Charlie is or where/when he came from... Charlie was even provided with a passport with a false birth date on it.
I love the running New Zealand gag :D
@Whalesharker Charlie looks exactly like Sam, there is no way she would believe that they have that sort of resemblance just by coincidence.
@mra Touche...
@Wally but he already told Johnny, who's not even related to him. @everyone else, no it wouldn't be suspicious for a son to look like his father as a child, that's kind of what genetics are about. especially since they are relying on decades old memories (well, and pictures, I guess). In any case, it's not like they'd go from "the likeness between you and your son is uncanny" to "OH MY GOD HE MUST BE YOU FROM THE PAST BROUGHT HERE BY A MYSTERIOUS TIME TRAVELER"
1st of August, 2015 (Saturday)
Of course, saying he's adopted is never an option...
and this is where i stop keeping up with this because the story has gotten kinda dumb
@everyone saying they would question resemblance: A few years ago I saw a picture of my dad when he had been my age and it was like looking at a picture of myself from the '70's. I assume it's possible for other people to have this level of uncanny resemblance
2nd of August, 2015 (Sunday)
Family resemblance can be extremely close. My friend looks exactly like his dad did when he was his age. Not really the case for me; I take strongly after my mother, and since I'm male, I do not resemble either of my parents very closely.
They look identical when you place them side by side, the largest (or longest) difference is the hair...
All that to say "yes this is my adopted son I named charley whom looks exactly like me" wouldn't work and would cause even more questions than what we'll see in the upcoming pages... I can't wait!
A pretty coherent story would be that Sam donated sperm when he was 15, then a kid was born but he had a DNA test to see who his biological father was, then escaped from his home because yolo, and find Sam in a strip club or something like that... Think about it, it makes way more sense.

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