13th of July, 2015 (Monday)

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That trip felt like months!

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13th of July, 2015 (Monday)
Save Early, Save Often
That sign is awesome
"Five more minutes" .
Two hours later........
"Hold on im almost done "
The kids are lucky they don't suffer travel sickness from reading or gaming in a moving vehicle.
Very lucky... *sigh*
Opus the Poet
Not ashamed to admit I cackled out loud at the first panel.
I wish real road signs were that honest.
14th of July, 2015 (Tuesday)
Such a Foxy Man
Road trips would be much more amusing with honest signs. (sigh) In a perfect world...
The kids are getting along well with that game. If it had been me and my cousins, we would've been yelling and fighting over 'turns' and telling each other how to play it right. Good memories, though.
Is that a sideboob from Ash or just a wrinkle?

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