8th of July, 2015 (Wednesday)

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Back in my day $20 got you a whole nickel!

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8th of July, 2015 (Wednesday)
Really? Back in my day, it cost me three Quetzals to get one made of wood!
In my day, we didn't have money unless we panned it out of the stream up by Sutter's Mill.
'...Back in my day $20 got you a whole nickel!'?
That wouldn't be a 'nickel bag' would it? because back in my day a Nickel bag cost $5, a dime was $10 and $20 was an ounce.
I just got a round tuit
And we had to walk 15 miles, uphill, both direction, barefooted, in the snow just to get that nickel too. The kids today have it too easy with their shoes and their global warming.
@RazorD9 Also on a dinosaur pedaled by your own feet
Back in my day, we traded HUSKS OF CORN for HUSKS OF CORN!
Didn't someone already point out that the currency between now and when Sam was a kid was a very minuscule change?
9th of July, 2015 (Thursday)
Back in my day, we only got wood for sheep.
@Lokitsu You were lucky! We had to trade grain just to get some lousy rocks!

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