22nd of June, 2015 (Monday)

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Don't talk with your mouth full, Ash. It makes your speech bubbles hard to read.

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22nd of June, 2015 (Monday)
So cute
Now I want a taco pancake.
Ash he is clearly is a time traveling genius!
What is that he put on the pancake? Sugar?
@Lokitsu Looks like the little sugar packets for coffee and tea.
Although of note, in the US, sugar packets are almost always white. Pink packets are almost universally saccharine, which I imagine would be as vile on a pancake as on anything else. It’s presumably different in Australia.
I know they still exist, but it has been years since I've personally seen a powdered-sugar topped crêpe, which is essentially what he made here.
For those not inclined to put forth effort, it reads, "Oh my God, you are some kind of genius!"
Do not use the pink packets. White ones are the best, yellow ones are fine.
In the US, anyway.
Ash's opinion shifts with the contents of her stomach. ;)
And if sugar isn't healthy enough for you, use honey. That's the way I like it.
sugar with a squeeze of lemon juice
I love that last speech bubble!
Although I must ask what exactly is in the pink packets??
Sugar or sweetner is assumed, but we need a proper answer! (Here's hoping it's mentioned on the next page.)
Oh, and on another note, the only thing I'll put on my pancakes is maple syrup. Accept no subsittutes! Although I do suspect its popularity in Australia is somewhat limited as they don't produce any, afaik, while here in Canada we produce over 80% of the world total.
The pink packets are just sugar. I've never heard of this pink=saccharine thing before.
Kid Cthulhu
In the US, our sweeteners are colored coded. One of the first commercially produced saccharine brands was called Sweet'n Low and they always had pink packets. Regular sugar was always in white packets. Later there were blue &n yellow packets for Splenda and another fake sugar. It's just one of those cultural things.
Pink for Sweet'n Low or generic saccharin, blue for Equal or other aspartame, and yellow for Splenda/sucralose. Only the white packets are regular table sugar (sucrose). Oh, and brown is Sugar in the Raw or other turbinado sugar.
Coincidentally, I think that the different colors (aside from white) were introduced in roughly that order, too.
I don't get it.. what is this land that eats pancakes, but does not use maple syrup? Some sort of vile, twisted.. non-Canada?
23rd of June, 2015 (Tuesday)
When I have pancakes I eat a lot. It's necessary to switch toppings a few times. Margarine or butter must be spread when it's still hot, most jams are good and syrup is an essential. Soy sauce is interesting but fruit and cream is a rare treat. The massive ones are best eaten rolled up. You need one frying pan on the go per person though.
Ore Another Or
I eat pancakes cold and straight, or heated up with nutella spread on it that quickly melts and is occasionally licked off. As leftovers. When eating them from the pan, it is a different story: little bit of butter, little bit of syrup, and eat it like toast or taco style like our good friend Ash. Never use a fork, never use a knife (just dip the pancake right into the butter, like swabbing a bit of some cream.)
Double Bogey
I like my pancakes with ICE CREAM!
Personally, I wrap my pancakes around as much sausage as I can fit.
Dang. I don't like pancakes, personally. Now I feel jealous. ;/
And here I thought that the readers of this comic took a steep dive from the five comments last strip. Nah, just needed some pancakes and y'all come out of the woodwork.
After reading some comments, I'm boring with my pancakes. I just put chocolate chips, whip cream, and syrup on them.~
i find it worth noting that it seems like so many people just came out of the woodwork to comment on this one comic page, the last few pages had like three or four commentaries, now there is a ton, i wonder if i shouted "ROLE CALL WHO ALL Is HERE " how many people would respond
Three pancakes, butter (or maybe it is "substitute"), syrup, two sausage patties on the side, single fork.
Opus the Poet
Yep, here in the Big PX the sweeteners are color-coded because there are people who can't stomach one kind or another. There are people who would have a brain hemorage with sucralose, other people have problems with aspartame, and a very few have problems with saccharine. And of course the diabetics have problems with the sugar.
24th of June, 2015 (Wednesday)
also, I like buttered pancakes when they're warm, but not when they're cold b/c then the butter doesn't melt and there's really no point... Cinnamon sugar is REALLY good on pancakes or crepes... Other than that, I usually put maple syrup on it. My fav is the real Canadia kind, 2nd is homemade, but if I have to I'll eat the fake store brands of maple syrup.
26th of June, 2015 (Friday)
M.W, in Aus the white packets have salt in them.

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