5th of June, 2015 (Friday)

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Oh no! Charlie's carefully crafted tough guy persona has been compromised!

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5th of June, 2015 (Friday)
Charlie your so cute.
I just found this comic and im glad i did. Its a nice twist on a already cute slice of life.
do his real parents know he is missing? Has any time passed for them and they think he disappeared, or do the time travel people plan on returning him to the time right after he left and hope no one notices he aged a year in the past hour.
@mra Maybe time travel caused his time line to freeze indefinitely. Maybe he is in an a different timeline where the time travel event never happened,so older Sam's parents would see him as a stranger though with familiarity. Time travel in my opinion is like teleportation to a different place and time in the same time line. The same spot would be different over time due to changes natural or man-made. Think of younger Sam's timeline as being paused until he returns,and if he goes to another moment other than his own he ends up in another timeline. Time travel is paradoxial without believing in multiple universes or timelines. Time travel is still pretty complex.
Well I missed a grammar mistake or more. Wish there was an editing option. Using my phone to tap out sentence after sentence is bound to skewer my grammar. lol
@DMAN so it would be him returning home seeming to have aged a year in an hour
typo'd my own name. Anyway, he is still aging in this current timeline right, if he returns to the same point he left something is going to be off and at their age changes come quickly
Huh... tried to comment (in a somewhat wordy fashion) and nothing showing up after a few hours despite lack of links. My computer, or just stuck in moderation?
Well, the short one worked, so I'll just paraphrase:
We're already almost certain that Charlie is from a separate timeline from Sam, since Sam doesn’t remember any of this happening. (That would also fix the causality problems that all time travel stories suffer from.) Whether time passes in that timeline or he'll eventually get sent back to the moment he left, we won't know until (or unless) he leaves and is dependent on the way time travel works here.
However... it's at least possible Charlie is from the same timeline, but later gets mind-wiped and sent back to the exact moment he left, thereby appearing to both himself and those around him as if nothing had happened apart from being abruptly a little older, which could easily go un-noticed by all involved.
Yes, you are, Charlie. ^^ Yes, you are.
Or perhaps Sam doesn't remember any of this because Charlie hasn't gone back yet. Until Charlie goes back, he is still 'Present Charlie'. He doesn't become 'Past Sam' until he goes back...
Well maybe or maybe not. For all we know young Sam can't age. Can't give you a solid answer since time traveling has never happen,so it's all theoretical. :p
^Me btw mra computer decided to not type DMAN and instead place the @mra in there. XD
Why are the so cutttteee
I ship it!
7th of June, 2015 (Sunday)
Aliceinhearts don't we all?
Charley looked pretty intense in the last frame there. Maybe he's trying to warn Ash to watch out for more broken glass or oncoming traffic.
Actually I'm beginning to think that Ash is a B***h in training... First she makes him carry her across the street, (pg. 232) and she doesn't even thank him for the ride and then criticizes him and verbally runs him down for the next 5 pages... Yup she might just grow up to be a B***h.
11th of June, 2015 (Thursday)
As the closest thing to a Male 'B***b' humanly possible, methinks not. Too kind and too willing to help others.
3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
Don't get too caught up with time travel theory, it's way too complicated and when you add that the earth moves so even 5 second in time could have you 100s of feet in the air if not miles... just stick to the story where lil'Sam is from another timeline as the comic is using.

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