3rd of June, 2015 (Wednesday)

Page 236

Cause you know, once you learn Sam isn't his biological father, time travel adoption is just one guess away.

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3rd of June, 2015 (Wednesday)
Blushing Sam is soooo cute XD
It was "his" idea, just earlier than he is saying!
these two are gonna be such a great couple.
@shadowrunner2323 I TOTALLY agree : 3
Wait until Ash runs into herself, all grown up, at the wedding as (adult) Sam's girlfriend / Date. After all, this comic is about time travel and temporal anomalies. (Young) Ash could very well end up in the past with (young) Charlie and they grow up together...
@Cookie Is he blushing, or developing heat stroke?
I worry about Sam's home life back in the past...
4th of June, 2015 (Thursday)
I ship it!

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