25th of May, 2015 (Monday)

Page 232

"Onward, across this unreasonably wide two-lane road!"

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25th of May, 2015 (Monday)
Wow, I didn't think Charlie would be able to carry ash
@Mra: Give Charlie a little credit—he’s not *that* skinny. As a kid that age I remember being reasonably capable of carrying another kid the same size, and I was anything but athletic.
Also, that two-lane road comment made me laugh harder than the punchline.
Is it bad that I recognize that scene from my childhood?
We always all knew that someday Ash would end up riding Charlie like a horse, but this is not the way most were thinking it, is it?
Ashley, you sly minx, you. :D
Wasn't he limping just the other day because his wound has left him with permanent damage? Wouldn't this be feat be really difficult on his feet?
Some Guy
I enjoy this comic, but I have to say it's possibly the slowest-moving narrative I've ever encountered.
According to anonymous sources, this comic is halfway complete.
My little cousin can carry me up the stairs on her back. Shes 12 and I'm 16 and I cant even do that. -_-
26th of May, 2015 (Tuesday)
"Onward, trusty steed!" lol. Best line yet!

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