1st of May, 2015 (Friday)

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"Well, I can do that. I don't know about you"

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1st of May, 2015 (Friday)
It even has a function to turn into a robot and clean your room...just got to find the app
I like how he was concerned about the safety of reading a text while driving, but was driving with his eyes closed in the last strip.
Yes... Touch is a thing now... But in the future future it will be a projected keyboard...
"No, I didn't know that. Thanks for informing me. I'll fix that right away."
OH MY GOD. So he BLINKED, okay? Guys need to give him a break...
lol, i was waiting for this! XD
Somebody else
According to you, the future is here...
There already are projected keyboards you can use.
Even ones that can be attached to phones, I think.
2nd of May, 2015 (Saturday)
So no gag of pulling an ancient keyboard out of the boot...
@degillin - I think he would have to have seen the transformers film
@spornightreloaded - nah, just wear a tech equipped skullcap and think, no moving or looking (with eyes) needed.
I forgot he was from the past. If I were booted a few years into the future, this is the first comic I'd check up on.
Every time I read 'touch the screen', I flash back to a Phil Collins song... ^_^;
In West Oz you can be fined for even touching your phone while driving, let alone reading a text.
3rd of May, 2015 (Sunday)
Shadow Serious
@elvis In Oklahoma we are finally making text and drive a primary offense. Hopefully being pulled over for just that will cut down on that here.
5th of May, 2015 (Tuesday)
"In West Oz you can be fined for even touching your phone while driving, let alone reading a text."
That seems a bit absurd. I frequently have to make drives that last an hour or more (and that's hardly unique, many people do this). If I forgot to silence or quiet my phone, I'd like to be able to do that at a stop sign or stoplight, or if I'm in stop-and-go traffic. I'd rather not get fined for trying to eliminate the distraction...
15th of June, 2015 (Monday)
Especially if you often go on adventures and simply dont have any time for that.
3rd of August, 2015 (Monday)
I won't touch my phone when driving unless stopped or if I pull over on the side (or to hand it off to a passenger) also I traded in my smartphone for a flip phone ($12/month vs $70/month), for that savings I can get a tablet every other month (or sushi... ok ok I only get sushi with my savings).
@Girl thanks for that comment, saved me from posting it myself (also it's not like it's a crowded road)

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