10th of April, 2015 (Friday)

Page 213

Sam disqualified Ash's foot because it's technically more of an open wound at the moment.

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10th of April, 2015 (Friday)
Is that a threat of injury or of revealing the other scar of his?
nice bike crash.
that is most definitely a threat.
Double Bogey
A wee bit competitive, aren't we?
Why is no one worried? Shouldn't everyone be more shaken up?
@Maya Not necessarily. I mean sure, but when situation is FUBAR and there's not a whole lot you can do about it there's not much use dwelling on the issues. Plus kids tend to cope a lot better than adults over this kind of thing. (Scars are current and much more interesting!)
Sam's probably just keeping it cool in front of those two. He did spend the night in a chair facing the door, after all.
Growing up in America, I didn't think anything of the three meters or concrete until I realized that's like 9 1/2 feet. How did that not rip all the skin off her back?
@Mra Dumb luck. My parents were riding a motorcycle at 25mph (like 40kph I'd guess) when it slipped on some loose dirt and fell out from under them. Mom nearly lost a leg and spent months in a hosipital and longer in a wheelchair, but my stepdad walked away with hardly a scratch.
I'm surprised Charlie isn't embarassed, seeing that much girl skin. Not there's any reason, it's just when I was that age, me and my friends would've been super flustered if a girl we knew showed up that much.
So you said earlier that the comic is going to last about 500 pages. Considering the rate you are going, is that why the setting is 2017?
Underground Pixie Mo
Calling it now: we will see Ash's scar on a grown redhead woman at some point.
Opus the Poet
The only thing I'm going to say on the subject of "scars" is to go to my blog and look up "art contest".
Kid Cthulhu
You mean like on Eos maybe, Pixie Mo?
(its a joke; the eyes are different colors and the jawline is too different)
12th of April, 2015 (Sunday)
Concrete is an odd surface for most things. Where did that happen? All I can think of is concrete slabs for the pavement.
13th of April, 2015 (Monday)
That is a lot of skin Ash is showing...

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